Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Reading/Rocking Nook of Fantasticness Reveal

So I cheated a little. Everything I had done to create the nook of fantasticness so far had been totally DIM (Did It Myself), but for the final upgrade to the nursery closet, I was able to nag my hubby into helping doing the whole thing (under my supervision). I am 9 months preggers so it wasn't too tough to convince him that he should do it.

So I'll just kind off summarize what we he did. It was my idea. :)

One of the first things I did when attacking the closet, was to take all the clothes (and other junk) out and remove the standard bar and shelf. I think I'll eventually utilize them in the laundry room, which has no shelves or hanging rods.

Well, maybe you were wondering as I painted the walls, the rocking chair, hung curtains and made wall art... where were we going to hang baby clothes?

Baby clothes are significantly smaller than adult clothes (who knew?) so I was able to use the side walls of the closet for hanging clothes by putting up dowel rods.

They don't sell them at the Dollar Tree... but they do at Wal-Mart! At $2 a pop (for the thickest ones available) I purchased 6 dowel rods. I took 'em home to see if they'd fit between the two sides of the closet but they were just an inch too long. Hubby cut 'em, I spray painted them white and we were ready for phase 2.

Phase 2 was all hubby. It involved taking pieces of scrap wood, using some sort of wood cutter (aka a saw) and making a half circle cut onto the wood.

Like this:

 You need one for each side of the rod, so hubby whipped up 12 of these... and I spray painted em white. Then my husband pulled out a level (this is why I'm glad he was involved, I hate measuring, it's dumb), and figured out how, where and why to hang these in the right spots. I sat back and handed him a pen when he needed to mark something and basked in the delight of someone else doing something for once.

I had swiped two shelves from my mom earlier in the year that had once been in my youngest sister's room and we ended up hanging those above the dowel rods so that I could beautify the area with some frames and figurines.

And here's the final reveal:

Rosemary's side

Tony's side

I picked up four baskets at the Dollar Tree, two in pink and two in blue. I hung those on the dowel rods by putting a shower curtain ring (which I had several on hand because I'm a hoarder) through the handle and over the rod. I use them for socks, hats etc.

The musical carousel figurine was one of two brass figurines my hubby brought home from a garage sale he stopped by one Saturday morning. I put this one on Rosemary's side with a small plaque that was a baby shower present, and I embellished a white frame with a tissue paper flower and button, and framed an R I had cut out of some packaging insert from a set of curtains. The matting is pink tissue paper, which I also hoard from Christmas, baby showers etc.

I'm not sure on this configuration... I kind of just threw a few boyish things up without too much thought. I definitely like the train picture, but I'm considering painting the frame... and I love the musical organ figuring. We'll see how long everything stays where it's at.

And here's the view from the bedroom.
 So let's recap...

The original closet:

The Reading/Rocking Nook of Fantasticness:

Sometimes I just go in the room and stare at it. For hours...
And then I get on my computer and look at pictures of it.

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  1. Wow! I am amazed at your creativity...also when posting don't mention things that nobody else reading will be able to buy, its a downer to say the least. Since I'm your sister and I visit you a lot there might be a time when after I leave a few of your figurines will have disappeared.

    Talk to you on skype,