Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cheap Thrills

My internet has been acting shady, so I wasn't able to put this up yesterday, but I've been dying to show off my favorite thrift store find EVER, check it out:

Ignore the hub's lunch debris...

I snagged a pair of these beauties at the thrift store moments after they were brought in. They hadn't sold at a garage sale over the weekend. I wish I would've gone to the garage sale since they had a $5 price tag that the thrift store changed to $8, but I was just too excited to have them to care... much.

And my other cheap thrill of the week is our new-to-us couch that we snagged off craigslist for FREE! It's in beautiful shape, steam cleaned and spotless! And it has a pull out bed! Just in time for the influx of family coming this weekend for our little girl's arrival! Yay!

Cheap thrills=lots of exclamation marks.

I've finished a lot of projects, experienced more fails, and have a list a mile long still to attempt, so I'm saving all those posts for when I'm stuck in bed next week. We'll see.

Anybody find anything good over the weekend? Favorite thrift-store-find-ever shares?

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  1. Jealous! But I am very happy for you, I can't wait to see your house.