Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Joining Blogland!

I've decided if the fourth of July was a good enough day for America to begin her awesomeness, it should be an adequate anniversary for myself to test the waters of blogland! So here I am, laying myself out to the world wide web, or at least my family and the one or two people who accidentally end up here. Hopefully everyone will be gracious enough to completely ignore me until I've acquired enough creativity to contribute some sort of landmark achievement to a worthy audience. I know, starting a blog before that far off date seems to be jumping the gun, but I needed to go ahead and lay claim to the incredibly clever blog name before some other genius thought it up. I plan on using this blog as a platform to share all my cheapskate, lazy methods of cutting corners on home decor ideas, usually found or inspired by pinterest and as a brag board to prove to my family that I've accomplished something in a day/week/month. So without further ado, here I am, Sarah, the not-so-creative force behind Thrift and Thriftability.

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